The Truth About Pharmacies and Prescriptions

Have you ever been behind-the-scenes of an actual pharmacy? Well, unless you’re a licensed and certified pharmacist or technician, probably not. But hey, you’re here now, so why not learn a little bit more about what’s happening behind the scenes? You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that, yes, pharmacists do quite a bit more than simply count out pills.

Getting Accurate Information From The Best Online Pharmacy

While we might not be a brick-and-mortar pharmacy here at GoGoMeds, we’re invested in your wellness and believe it is important that you know the truth about pharmacies and your medications. 

So, to set the record straight about some of the more common misunderstandings about pharmacies and medications in general, we’re going to address some of these myths. Learn more about how our online pharmacy works at GoGoMeds by visiting here, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Medical pharmacist woman.

Myth: Pharmacists Just Count Pills All Day

Incorrect. Pharmacists actually do a lot of work on a daily basis, including spending time counseling and educating patients on their condition as well as their medication. Even though there are warning labels filled with dosage information, possible drug interactions, potential side effects and other important information, it is the pharmacist’s responsibility to make sure that the patient acknowledges this information about a prescription drug that they’re taking. This is especially important when the patients are taking life-saving medications, which is often the case.

Myth: If I Feel Well, I Can Skip My Medication

When you’re prescribed something – regardless of what it is or what it is for – you are to take the medication exactly as the label or your medical professional (usually both) instruct you. Taking your medication at the wrong time or skipping doses can disrupt therapy or worse by causing a flare up or another adverse event. If you’re not taking your medication because of adverse side effects, make sure that you communicate this to your pharmacist as well as your healthcare provider.

Myth: If I’m Feeling Especially Terrible, I Can Take More Than The Label Says

Piggybacking off the last myth, we’d again like to reiterate that your prescription medication should be taken exactly as your doctor prescribes it. If there’s any confusion about what the doctor said, the label on the bottle always contains clear, easy-to-understand dosage and administration information. Remember, it’s also the pharmacists’ job to answer these type of questions, so make sure that you’re entirely clear about when to take your medication and how often you should take it.

Myth: My Pharmacist Doesn’t Need To Know About Vitamins And Supplements

It almost seems strange that your pharmacist (and primary doctor or other relevant healthcare professionals) need to know about something as seemingly benign as over-the-counter medications or vitamins, but they should know. It is possible for prescription drugs to interact with simple vitamins and supplements, and the last thing that anyone wants is an unwanted, adverse interaction between your prescription and something else. Remember, just because it isn’t a prescription doesn’t mean that it won’t interact with anything else in your body.


Myth: Natural Supplements Are Always A Better Alternative

Natural supplements have their place when it comes to fortifying the immune system or providing our bodies with daily energy, but they are no replacement for legitimate pharmaceutical drugs. Each compound, whether generic or name brand, is created with a specific purpose or mechanism of action in mind. As such, a natural supplement just couldn’t do the same thing as your prescription – and even if it could, there’s no telling that it’s a safe “replacement.” Prescription drugs go through rigorous testing and a series of intense trials for one main reason – to protect you and your health!

Myth: To Fill a Prescription Go to the Pharmacy and Use Insurance

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