Take With Caution: Prescription Drug Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

It could only be considered a sad case of irony if the prescription drugs that you take to support your health fell in the hands of the wrong person — or pet — and inflicted harm onto them. With vast advancements in medical technology and pharmaceutical drug breakthroughs in the last several decades, we’re able to have medicine that truly works wonders for the human health. From helping cure various forms of cancer to mitigating allergic reactions and even helping fight against less life-threatening conditions like acne, the miracle of modern medicine is truly…well, a miracle when you really sit down and give it some thought.

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What’s even more interesting is the fact that, nowadays, there are even prescription drug delivery services that help you compare prescription drug prices online, delivering them straight to verified patients like you! Truly, we are living in futuristic times.

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Know What You’re Taking and Why You’re Taking It

It’s important to trust your doctor, but it’s even more important to ask questions and really understand what’s going on with your body and why you need to take a certain prescription medication. Certain pharmaceutical drugs are optional or taken for cosmetic purposes, while others are completely necessary and vitally important. It is the inherent legal responsibility for your doctor or healthcare provider to be as informative as transparent as possible when it comes to prescribing any sort of pharmaceutical drug.


This is also a great time to address any possible concerns that you have. Remember, it’s your body, and you’re taking this medication for the sake of your health. Be as clear and thorough as possible!


NEVER Share Your Medication Under Any Circumstances

Plain and simple, no matter the situation that arises, do not give out or administer your medicine to anyone else but yourself. Even if you have a friend or family member who happens to have the exact same prescription, your doctors could have prescribed the same drug but in different dosages. Not only that, but one prescription could be generic whereas the other is name brand, potentially causing slightly different effects in the individual. Sharing prescription drugs is, of course, illegal, but you could also put your health or the health of others at serious risk. That’s nothing to joke or mess around about.


Expired Medication? Skip It and Renew It

Medications that are either no longer needed or are expired should be disposed of properly. While a slightly expired prescription isn’t necessarily going to put your life at risk, it’s just safer to steer clear of a medication that is expired. Flushing your old medications down the toilet used to be a recommended practice (and there’s actually a good amount of controversy surrounding this disposal method), but generally speaking, there should be a legitimate medication disposal center near you that will take care of it in a safe, proper and legal manner.


Keep Your Medication(s) Out Of Reach

If your cat, dog or children can access your medication, you’re storing it incorrectly. Even though medication bottles come with child-resistant tops as a standard part of the design, that doesn’t mean they can’t somehow access it or that your curious dog won’t just chew through the plastic. Prescription medications, again, are solely intended for who’s on the actual prescription. Keep your medications properly sealed and up high in cabinets (like a medicine cabinet) that make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for pets or children to access.

If There’s a Dosing Device, Use It

Not all forms of prescription medication come in simple pill or tablet form. Many medications are in liquid form, and thus, present dosing challenges. Fortunately, these types of prescriptions also come with a dosing device to make sure that you’re taking the exact amount (typically in milliliters) that you should be taking. Considering using a teaspoon or a standard kitchen spoon to help you throw your medication back? Even if you have an advanced form of conventional cough syrup, do not do this. These crude measurement tools will not measure out the same as the dosing device that you originally received with your prescription medication.


If you have any questions about properly administering your dosages, contact your doctor or healthcare provider before trying to do it yourself.

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Keep The National Poison Help Number Accessible

It’s a grim thought, but accidents happen. If you’ve somehow consumed more of your medication than you should have, get help immediately. The toll-free poison help number (1-800-222-1222) should be a number that you have saved on your phone (and of course, a number that you never hope to ever call). What’s also important to keep in mind is that this number is not just for poison emergencies — this is also a legitimate and credible source to ask questions about your medication in terms of how to take it, how to administer it to a loved one, and so forth.

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