GoGoMeds and Avion Pharmaceuticals Partnership

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We are excited to announce that GoGoMeds has partnered with Avion Pharmaceuticals! This partnership is designed to enhance the customers experience through convenient delivery services.

Life is Busy

Whether you’re juggling school, work, or being a mom, you’ve got better things to do than wait in line at a pharmacy. That’s why GoGoMeds and Avion Pharmaceuticals partnered together to create a system where the customer does relatively nothing.

How It Works

Avion and GoGoMeds partnership offers a safe and secure way to fill prescription orders online and at an affordable price. If it is your first time being prescribed an Avion product or using GoGoMeds, follow the steps below to set up an account and get your prescription filled.

Step 1 – Order

There are three methods of sending your prescription to GoGoMeds.

  1. If you have the prescription, please mail to 525 Alexandria Pike, Suite 100, Southgate, KY 41071, United States
  2. If you have already given your prescription to another pharmacy and you now want GoGoMeds to fill, specify the name and phone number of the current Pharmacy and GoGoMeds will reach out to switch the order
  3. Have your doctor call, fax, or send an e-prescription to GoGoMeds

Step 2 – Validate

Validate your address, contact information, price, and payment info by setting up an account online, or calling GoGoMeds at 888-481-3539.

Step 2 – Ship

Sit back while GoGoMeds mails your prescription directly to you. Shipping is always free! You just pay for the cost of your prescription, relax and let us do the rest.

Video URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grzuRb0voYs

Why Avion

Avion is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Alpharetta Georgia. Avion is committed to providing innovative branded prescription pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products to the market. They focus on products in Women’s Health, Dermatology, and related Specialties. Avion takes pride in developing products with a high ethical standard by putting customers and patients first.

Avion’s Product Line

Prenatal Vitamin

Prenate® Vitamin Family offers a line of prescription nutritional supplements designed for all stages of pregnancy. Prenate® is formulated with the latest recommendations from obstetric and pediatric organizations in mind. Plus, nutrient forms are selected for their tolerability and absorbability, which helps to ensure you are getting the most from your vitamin.

Iron Supplements

Feeling fatigued, weak, cold, or dizzy? Check with your doctor to see if you have an iron deficiency.  Avion’s iron supplements utilize a chelated form of iron and include absorption enhancers, such as vitamin C and succinic acid. The incorporation of a more bioavailable iron may help to increase absorption and limit GI upset.

Birth Control

Avion offers a once-daily oral birth control pill with a 21/7 dosing pattern. It balances high effectiveness with a low dose of hormones.


Having problems with skin irritation? Avion’s dermatology line is formulated to address nutritional deficiencies associated with inflammation and non-cystic acne. It is an easy-to-take pill with effective vitamins and minerals to promote healthier skin.

Please talk with your doctor to see if an Avion product may be right for you.  Common risk factors may vary and need to be talked about first before taking. Have questions? Please call GoGoMeds customer service team at 1-888-795-5826 or email us at hello@gogomeds.com and we’d be happy to assist you.


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